Spring 2018 Update

Hey everybody!

It’s been a couple of months since the release of my record Up Until Now so I thought I would let you all know what’s been going on.


I took a trip to Alaska with my dad to see the northern lights in February. Weather was not on our side so we didn’t really see the lights but I did take a ride on the Dalton Highway made famous in the TV show Ice Road Truckers.

Quick note here, as part of my journey I ended up meeting a guy known as Yukon Jeremy.  Apparently this is the only guy that’s allowed to trap animals north of the Yukon river.  He has a shop setup in the parking lot of what I think is the last “stop” before the arctic circle.  He sells skins and other souvenirs made from the animals that he traps.  We bought a few things from him and tipped him which prompted him to ask if I’d like to take a ride on his snow machine.  I figured how often does that happen so I said “YES” and next thing I know I’m hanging on to this waif of a guy easily doing 30+ mph over the snow and down onto the frozen Yukon river where he did a couple of doughnuts before racing back up the bank to the parking lot.  I was pretty sure that is how I was going to die but I would do it again.  What a crazy experience.

Anyway, we made it all the way up to the sign designating where the Arctic Circle is. The photo at the top of the page is me sporting my Sidepony Express Music Festival hoodie at the sign where tourists take pictures.

We visited the Chena Hot Springs (swimming in a hot spring while it’s snowing on you is surreal as is the Ice Museum complete with Appletini served in a glass made of ice) and saw some crazy wildlife (Bald Eagles are wicked huge if you didn’t know).

Photo: D. Spector


Ten years or more ago I started talking to a friend of mine from Texas about writing some songs together. As things are with musicians, it takes a while to get anything to actually happen, but we’re pretty much done writing and have started recording a batch of songs that we’re going to put out under the name Track 8. The idea is that the 8th song on a record is always either really good or at least really interesting and often it ends up being a favorite. So why not make a record where every song is the 8th song. I’ll share more about this a little later in the year but I’m pretty excited by how the songs are turning out.


I’m going to be appearing at the 3rd annual Ball-A-Palooza on April 14th at Last Exit Live. I’m on the outdoor stage at about 10:30 pm. You can learn more about this great event HERE.

After that I’m at Crescent Ballroom on April 18 supporting The Runner Up.  My band for the night will be made up of some monster players including Ronnie, Jeff, and Mike from The Walkens and Mark Riggs of valley legends The Pistoleros.  Super excited to take the stage with these guys.  I’ll be playing songs from my record Up Until Now and I’ll have CDs for sale as well as a couple of stickers while supplies last.  You can get tickets to that show HERE.

Until next time…


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