February 2020 – What’s going on in Doug’s head

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Usually I’m banging on about how fast time is flying these days but January of this year actually appeared to take the right amount of time for the first time in a long time.

I spent today doing a lot of small odds and ends catching up on my ever growing TO DO list and started listening to the U2 catalog from the beginning. I haven’t listened to those early records for a really long time and I started getting flooded with memories of high school. My first band was a group of friends at my school in what was at the time West Germany. We weren’t good by any means but it was a good time and we learned a batch of Beatles and U2 songs and recorded a demo of our rough cover songs on an odd Saturday in what must have been 1988. Such an odd concept that there’s a cassette tape of me playing music with people that I haven’t seen in person for 30 years. I still consider those guys my close friends even though contact is restricted to Facebook posts now and then.

I am someone that lives an ‘inside’ life most of the time. I ponder over my history, decisions that I’ve made, detours that I’ve taken. I guess I’m hoping that somewhere in my analysis of those twists and turns I’ll find answers about why I am how I am and maybe notice a bit of inspiration that I’ve overlooked. I tend to start thinking about weird possibilities and outcomes from banal situations and work those through to unlikely ends. Just dumb mental exercises that are going on in my head pretty much all the time.

When it comes time to write words for a new song I usually just start singing whatever is at the top of my head and mumbling through the bits I don’t have yet (I fill that in later). I like to read musician biographies and find comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one that does that. I do like to think that all of the ridiculous stories that are playing in my head all the time are what’s generating the words that do end up falling out of my mouth. If not, then I’m really burning a lot of brain power for nothing. I bet I could re-purpose that energy and learn a language or a new instrument or something.

In any case, Feburary finds us playing with Mill’s End on the 14th and just generally trying to spread the word about our new single “What will be” available now pretty much anywhere you get your digital music. Give it a listen won’t you? Tell a friend. We’ll take that as a kindness. Thanks for stopping by.